Whakapapaiti Valley

Time: 4 - 5 hr return, distance: 16 km

Time: 4 - 5 hr return
Distance: 16 km

This track can be walked in either direction, but is described going counter-clockwise.

Follow Silica Rapids Track for about 45 minutes to the junction with Whakapapaiti Track. 

The track goes through forest then an open tussock-covered area. There is a bridged crossing of Whakapapaiti River, then the track continues up the valley, passing the junction with Mangahuia Track (2-3 hours to campsite). 

Further up the valley there is an unbridged river crossing - it may not be possible to cross safely when the river is high following or during rainfall. Whakapapaiti Hut is 10-15 minutes further up the track.

Leaving the hut, the track winds its way through stunted beech forest, then up the valley to the Round the Mountain Track junction. Turn left here towards Bruce Road.