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National Park Villages, Fishers Track

Fishers Track

Fishers Track is a mostly downhill track with stunning views over Tongariro National Park.

National Park Villages, Ohakune Old Coach Road

Ohakune Old Coach Road

Originally used by horse-drawn coach as a connecting route between the two rail heads of the unfinished North Island trunk line, the Ohakune Old Coach Road is steeped in history.

National Park Villages, 42 Traverse

42 Traverse

With a reputation as one of New Zealand's best adventure rides, the 46 kilometre 42 Traverse is a must do for experienced riders.

National Park Villages, Marton Sash & Door

Marton Sash & Door

Travel back in time alongside the main trunk line.

National Park Villages, Bridge To Nowhere

Bridge To Nowhere

Adventure across farmland and native bush to uncover the story of the impressive Bridge to Nowhere.

National Park Villages, Mountains To Sea Cycle Trail

Mountains To Sea Cycle Trail

From the flanks of Mount Ruapehu to the coastal shores of Whanganui, the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail is a route encompassing majestic mountains, stunning native forest, and the spiritual, cultural and historical highlights of the Whanganui River.

National Park Villages, The Timber Trail

The Timber Trail

A former sawmilling stronghold with a rich historic, cultural and natural heritage, the Pureora Forest Park is intersected by the famous Timber Trail cycleway.

National Park Villages, Kaiwhakauka


Originally a six-foot horse and cart route, then a tramping track, the Kaiwhakauka Track is a rewarding addition to the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trails.

National Park Villages, Whanganui Rver Road

Whanganui Rver Road

A beautiful Marae, notable church and convent, charming old flour mill, and other special sights tell their stories.

National Park Villages, Middle – Ruatiti Road Connector

Middle – Ruatiti Road Connector

Middle-Ruatiti road connects Ohakune Old Coach Road and Mangapurua tracks.